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Being healthy starts with eating healthy

We had long been consumers of beef raised by small farms because of its high quality. We looked into the commercial chicken industry and were appalled by the conditions in which chickens are raised. We learned that commercial chicken farms pack twenty-thousand birds in one “barn” for several weeks, the birds have little to no room to move around. We also learned that most chickens are vaccinated for diseases that can be easily prevented through proper flock management. It is easier for large commercial chicken farmers to vaccinate and medicate their flocks than it is to manage the flock in a manner to avoid diseases. After looking into the way most chicken is raised for human consumption, we knew we had to raise our own.

It started with just ourselves and a friend in 2021. We sourced chicks from a local hatchery, feed from a local grain mill, and did all the butchering ourselves. Soon other friends and family started asking if we would be willing to raise chickens for them as well. They were also interested in high quality chicken that cannot be found in typical grocery stores, so we looked into, and began following the rules for selling directly at the farm. It wasn’t long before a local store, 4 Seasons Market, in Lebanon, was requesting our birds to sell to their customers. We acquired our prepackage meat license, and found an O.D.A. approved processing facility to take on the task of butchering.

While we try to keep things as local as possible, we have had to start sourcing our day old chicks from out of state. There is no longer an option to get unvaccinated birds from the hatchery we originally used.

Our Mission

Grow the healthiest birds, in the most natural way possible for our friends, our family, and our community.

Our Values

Nature is best, Nurture is necessary, Nutrition is key.

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